SRI Brand PVC Rigid Fire Blanket 4 x 6 Feet -BSI APPROVAL Model MIS255-FG-6FT-RD

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  • Made from woven Fibre Glass
  • Soft PVC with hanging eyelets
  • Type: 4ft x 6ft Fire Blanket
  • Application: Kitchen
  • It is highly flame-resistant that so that it can be positioned over a fire to stifle it. Fire blankets are ideally used to put out small household fires.
  • They are generally used in kitchens where a fire mishap can happen very easily.
  • As fire thrives on three things namely; heat, oxygen, and fuel. If one of these is removed, the fire dies.
  • # रिफिल गर्नु नपर्ने # No need to refill,
  • # आगो निभाउदा फोहोर नहुने # No residue after usage,
  • # भान्छाको लागि उपयुक्त # Best suitable for the Kitchen,
  • # मानव वा घरपालुवा जनवरमा आगो लाग्दा निभाउन प्रयोग गर्न सकिने # For people and pet safety,
  • # आगो लागि भै रहेको ठाँउबाट जोगिएर भाग्नको लागि ओड्न मिल्ने # Useful for escaping from the fire place.



Fire Blankets are ideal for domestic and commercial applications and can be commonly found in kitchens and restaurants where oil and fats are present. They are constructed of woven fiberglass and are suited for small kitchens or restaurants.

Fire Blankets work by cutting off the oxygen supply to a fire. They are designed to be used over pots and pans or as a blanket to wrap around a person whose clothing is on fire.


How does a Fire Blanket Work?

  • A fire blanket is made of two layers of woven fiberglass fabric and an inner layer of fire retardant film.
  • Their basic principle is to cut off oxygen supply; which is one of the three elements on which a fire thrives, therefore extinguishing the fire.
  • In order to stifle a fire one has to place the fire blanket over its top correctly. When the blanket is placed completely over the fire it cuts off the airflow from the fire thus extinguishing it.
  • But they can only be used to put off small fires from spreading. In case of a large fire; do not attempt to put it out, instead, call the fire department for help.
  • Fire blankets can also be wrapped around your body while exiting a building that is on fire; it provides you protection against the flames from touching your body.
  • Fire blankets consist of two pull-down tails. You can release the blanket by holding the tails, using the blanket as a shield, and cover the burning area.

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